Driving Transactions
Thursday, July 18, 2024

ABC Companies, a leading provider of motorcoach, transit, and specialty passenger transport equipment in the USA and Canada, has expanded its distribution agreement with Turtle Top to offer its popular Odyssey, Terra Transit, and Vanterra product line in locations covering the eastern seaboard from Georgia to New York State, as well as the states of Oklahoma and Texas. The Turtle Top conversions will be available on a number of premium performance chassis’ including the Ford E 350, E450, F550, F600, and Freightliner S2C for flexibility in almost any application. ABC will offer combustion and 100 percent battery electric versions of popular models, providing EV options for Turtle Top premium shuttles with numerous seating configurations to accommodate up to 34 riders and multiple wheelchair options. The expansion strengthens ABC’s position in the passenger van and shuttle space as micro-transit and on-demand services are rapidly expanding.

Turtle Top shuttle Turtle Top premium shuttle with EV options for ABC Companies

“We are excited to expand distribution of Turtle Top products for our customers with these high-quality commercial passenger vehicle options that can bring greater service flexibility and proven quality to their operations”, said ABC Companies Vice President Marketing Thom Peebles. “These proven performers can help customers take advantage of the growing needs in their municipal and regional communities for micro-transit, mobility as a service and paratransit applications, as well as applications from airport shuttles to premium passenger transport operations.”

For fleets who are integrating zero emissions vehicles, the battery electric chassis options from ABC Companies provides a scalable EV solution built on industry leading proven technologies.

“Customer service excellence is a shared core value at Turtle Top and ABC, and we are excited to bring our strong reputation for service and parts support to the passenger van and shuttle market, enhancing our customers’ competitive advantage,” said ABC President/Chief Commercial Officer Roman Cornell. “Delivery of the vehicle is a small part of the ownership cycle, and ABC believes that our continued service and support of our customers is what sets us apart and has been the hallmark of our success.”

“ABC Companies offers a comprehensive portfolio of service, parts, warranty, and customer care support behind every sale. This approach ensures the high quality of our Turtle Top products will be supported with equally high standards of service for our shared customers,” added Turtle Top General Manager Matt Sausaman.

Offered through ABC’s Specialty Vehicles & Technologies (SVT) division, Turtle Top buyers can expect the same levels of technical expertise, comprehensive service and parts support that ABC is renowned for in the private motorcoach industry. The SVT division is focused on discovering and bringing innovative solutions and strategies to market that offer transformative mobility options to ABC customers.

“Our dedicated SVT sales team specializes in helping customers seamlessly onboard these new products to ensure smooth operations from day one,” said Cornell. “Our ‘Make it Happen’ approach is based on exceeding customer expectations and simplifying fleet integration for private and public operations, including those who are readying for zero-emissions adoption.”

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