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Saturday, March 02, 2024

Corporations across the world are continuing their commitment to corporate sustainability, and that extends to the partners they work with on every level. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) is also taking this commitment to advance sustainability and drive impactful initiatives in the business travel industry seriously by appointing its very first Senior Vice President of Sustainability, a role that has been filled by Delphine Millot.

GBTA GBTA Senior VP of Sustainability Delphine Millot

In this new role, Millot will lead GBTA’s initiatives to create a strong industry focus and public “voice” by working together with members, policymakers, and other stakeholders to chart a course toward a more sustainable future for business travel. Areas of engagement include research and insights; industry and member programs, policy and advocacy; and education and certification, as well as incubating solutions, tools, and supply chain initiatives to help travel buyers and travel suppliers put sustainability at the forefront of their travel programs and operations.

“Sustainability is a shared priority for the business travel industry, GBTA, and business travel programs and professionals around the world. GBTA sees it as a collective effort and one that must be championed. Delphine is a very welcome and important addition to our mission, and her experience and leadership will be critical in helping bring together collaborative efforts across our membership and the industry for meaningful outcomes,” says GBTA CEO Suzanne Neufang.


Millot will work with the founding partners of GBTA’s newly created sustainability program which consists of sponsoring organizations and supporters from across the industry, as first unveiled in November at the 2021 GBTA Convention. This group is now named the GBTA Sustainability Leadership Council and currently consists of numerous multi-national travel corporations.

Millot will also work with the GBTA Sustainability and Responsibility Committee. Among the 2022 initiatives for this established global committee led by current chairperson, Jenny Sabineu, are the relaunching of an updated GBTA Sustainability Toolkit and the development of a global industry standard Supplier Scorecard.

“Sustainability is THE topic of our times. But caring about sustainability doesn’t mean giving up on travel altogether. People and economies need to travel for business—and have an environmental responsibility to do so sustainably. Delphine is a tremendous addition to GBTA’s commitment to bringing the industry together to help address this very important global issue,” says GBTA Board Vice President Mark Cuschieri, who is also chairperson for the GBTA Sustainability Leadership Council.

Millot’s professional background includes experience working between private, public and nonprofit sectors, both in Europe and the US. Most recently, she served as the head of the International Public Affairs Division for Grayling, a global consulting firm specializing in strategic communications and government affairs.

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