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Thursday, July 07, 2022
Beau Wine Tours Beau Wine Tours Assistant General Manager Christina Zanone

Beau Wine Tours CEO & President Thomas Buck is excited to announce that he has promoted his right-hand person, Christina Zanone, to Assistant General Manager. In her 12 years with Beau, Zanone has grown into a well-respected member of the management team, including in her latest role as Director of Affiliate Relations. Beau Wine Tours, a leading provider of concierge wine tour transportation across California’s Sonoma and Napa Valleys, also focuses heavily on corporate and affiliate work—a network that Zanone helped to build.

Early on, Buck recognized Zanone’s great sales and leadership qualities. From her start in the reservations department, she was promoted to Reservations Manager within a few years, where she led the sales team and created lasting relationships. In 2014, Buck decided to bring her to an industry show in Las Vegas in hopes that she could take her natural abilities to the next level and cultivate affiliate partnerships to help expand the company’s network beyond Northern California. Zanone’s efforts were successful as she carefully constructed and maintained a large network of affiliates, eventually being recognized as a mentor within the industry as the Director of Affiliate Relations. Over the last two years, she assumed more of the day-to-day operations to ensure success in uncertain times, which Buck says proved that she was not only capable, but also eager to take on more.

Beau Wine Tours

“It is an honor to continue acting on behalf of Beau’s best interests. I love what I do for a living. More importantly, I love who I do it for and cherish the supportive, family-like atmosphere we have created here,” says Zanone. “I truly believe that good leaders create good leaders and I’m excited to continue building our dream team. I’ve always had tremendous respect and admiration for Tom. I’m grateful for the opportunity to mature and evolve in this role, and I look forward to accepting new challenges.”

As Zanone begins her new chapter, she will continue to develop under Buck’s guidance, furthering her contribution to the success of the business. Though she will oversee more of the daily operations, she will continue to lead the sales, dispatch, and concierge teams and attend industry shows as Director of Affiliate Relations, nurturing established partnerships and forging new ones.

“Christina has spent her time in the trenches for our company, and with every challenge has always risen to the occasion. She has natural leadership qualities, and a sharp eye for the details. I am proud to see her take on this much deserved promotion within Beau Wine Tours. The path is being set for Christina to become our GM in the next couple years, and I look forward to seeing her continued growth as we take the company to the next level,” says Buck.

Both plan on attending the upcoming CD/NLA Show in Las Vegas this month.

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