Tuesday, September 26, 2023
JJ Keller Associates

J.J. Keller & Associates, a North American provider of safety and compliance solutions for the transportation industry, has joined the Next Generation in Trucking Association, a nonprofit organization promoting trucking as a positive career field and connecting young people to opportunities in transportation education.

“J.J. Keller has been serving the transportation industry since 1953,” said President & CEO Rustin Keller. “Respect for the driving professional runs deep among our associates. This respect is part of our company culture. If we can help address the driver shortage and share with younger generations the importance of truck driving as a career choice for the world today, we’re honored to commit resources to doing so.”

Helping the association inspire high school students to consider a career in trucking, J.J. Keller will offer a Next Generation in Trucking high school program to educators through the association. Developed in collaboration with a leading high school educator on transportation careers, it will provide hands-on insight into truck drivers’ daily activities. It will also explain how to meet educational and training requirements to become a driver and emphasize the importance of safety and compliance with transportation regulations.

“We are excited to partner with J.J. Keller,” said Next Generation in Trucking Association President & Co-Founder Lindsey Trent. “College enrollment has seen its biggest decline in 50 years, and we see the need to engage with secondary education and steer Gen Z towards careers in trucking. With an aging workforce and a shift towards the skilled trades, we feel like the time is ripe for our mission. We hope the industry will support us in this endeavor.”

Founded in 2021, the Next Generation in Trucking Association is led by volunteer industry professionals and members including students, teachers, schools, trucking professionals, industry carriers, dealers and allied sponsors working together to carve out pathways for young individuals to start careers in the trucking industry.

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