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Saturday, May 25, 2024
CD/NLA Executive Retreat

The next phase of business development is here: In recent months, talk about Artificial Intelligence, and especially ChatGPT, have hit the media like wildfire. Even though they sound like something out of the Matrix, these are practical—and surprisingly easy—tools that you can use for your luxury ground transportation business. How? Join us Tuesday, June 6, at the CD/NLA Executive Retreat in Nashville for a trend-setting session, Revolutionizing Your Business With AI and ChatGPT.

CD/NLA Executive Retreat

To be frank, AI is nothing to be intimidated by and it touches on more than you think. Businesses in all industries are utilizing this technology in a variety of ways from sales and marketing to HR and compliance. Spearheaded by Robyn Goldenberg of Strategy Leaders, this session will provide a plethora of uses for AI/ChatGPT that can help luxury transportation businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. Operators experienced in its use will be on-hand to share their tactics and provide real-world examples in the tech’s use. Discover specific use cases for AI in the industry, gain insights into best practices for implementation, and hear real-life success stories from industry leaders. Whether you're a limousine or bus company owner, this session will provide you with actionable strategies to drive growth and success with AI.

During a recent meeting among the CD/NLA Show Education Committee, it was revealed that the majority of operators on the call are already using AI/GPT in their business. One reported success with sales letters, another has used it for onboarding new hires, and a third was able to prepare himself for potential audits.

“I used AI recently for an HR/interview situation,” says CD/NLA Education Committee Co-chair Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Worldwide. “I used it to formulate LEGAL interview questions for various positions.  It provided a good framework for department heads to help with the hiring process of chauffeurs, reservations agents, and back-office personnel.”

CD/NLA Executive Retreat

“In looking over our recent guidelines and procedures I noticed we needed to have a more detailed section on ADA,” reveals Scott Woodruff of Majestic Limousine & Coach. “In a matter of a few seconds, ChatGPT gave me a very detailed summary of ADA and how it pertains to bus companies. I was able to use it as a framework to generate new guidelines for my business. What would have taken me half a day to do, I was able to complete in 30 minutes.”

With this session, any hesitation or fear you have about adopting this ground-breaking platform with be alleviated. Be prepared to bring questions, because this session is designed to provide answers and practical examples for administering AI/ChatGPT for your business. The future is now.

“By using AI as a resource, I have been able to save time and produce excellent marketing material. In addition to updating our website, I've consistently used it for social media marketing. In fact, this testimonial was also written using my AI copywriting tool,” says Nina Parson of Company Car & Limousine.

CD/NLA Executive Retreat

"This presentation is a must-attend event for any small business owner looking to revolutionize their growth," said Goldenberg. "ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes automate their sales, marketing, customer service, and HR/internal communications."

Have you booked your room for the CD/NLA Executive Retreat? We’re thrilled to have the Hilton Nashville Downtown as our host property for our return to Music City on June 4-7. Located just steps away from the live music venues and honky-tonks that make Nashville famous, the Hilton is the perfect spot to experience the next-level education, intimate networking, and local flavor that the Executive Retreat is known for.

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