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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
CD/NLA Executive Retreat

One of the advantages of the CD/NLA Executive Retreat is the opportunity for intimate networking and interaction with a small group of eager operators. Real partnerships develop over the course of our event thanks to the ample one-on-one opportunities afforded to operators. Whether it’s conversing over breakfast or sitting next to a fellow business owner at one of our evening dinner events, you can bet that you’ll meet several new associates, if not friends, throughout the retreat.

CD/NLA Executive Retreat

But that tight-knit vibe extends past networking and into our educational programming. Each year, the Executive Retreat offers exclusive interactive sessions that let you work side by side with your fellow operators, and in some cases compete against them for bragging rights and more.

CD/NLA Executive Retreat

When we head to Nashville this June 4-7, we’re thrilled to present Interactive Roundtables: Are You Exposed?, a late Tuesday morning session that will team groups of operators to discuss theoretical crisis circumstances and how they can best be dealt with—and we’re not talking about an accident or late dispatcher. In the tradition of past retreat classroom competitions like the acclaimed Owner’s Game, you’ll get competitive as you tackle issues that have no playbook but could derail a business if not handled skillfully. With so much out of your hands, the one area where you can gain control is in how you respond and think quickly when you’re in the middle of a major emergency. In this energetic roundtable, teams will be forced to ask, “What if…?” as they’re presented with several make-or-break moments and discuss suggestions on how they would handle a situation as it unfolds, as well as ways to minimize any risk that could jeopardize the long-term health of an operation. We’ll also explore strategies to keep your cool when the worst-case scenarios are landing squarely in your and your team’s lap. These case studies transcend typical service scenarios and go deep into the nitty gritty of potential catastrophes that affect all aspects of a business. And with this game, there’s more at stake: a prize will go to the winning team based on their readiness and quick thinking when offering solutions for unexpected challenges. We’re confident you’ll find this roundtable to be engaging, enlightening, spirited, and fun!

CD/NLA Executive Retreat CD/NLA Executive Retreat

As we’re less than a month away from the event, we’d like to take the time to acknowledge all our generous sponsors for their part in making the CD/NLA Executive Retreat the most anticipated industry event of the season. Special thanks to Platinum Sponsors Empire CLS Worldwide and Lancer Insurance; Gold Sponsors Complete Fleet Livery Sales, Driving Transactions, EBiz Charge, Find Staff, Limo Anywhere, Lucid, MCI, PAX Chauffeur Training, Prevost, Transportation Advisors, and Volvo; and Affiliate Sponsors A1A Global Ground, Amaren Chauffeured Transportation & Management, ANB Trans, Boston Luxor Limo, Dolphin Transportation Specialists, Ecko Transportation Worldwide, Gateway Global, Leader Worldwide, Luxury Ride Nashville, North Point Global Transportation Services, Premier Transportation, Signature Transportation Services, U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide, Victory Ground, and VIP Global.

Also, it’s your last chance to take advantage of our exclusive room block at the Nashville Hilton Downtown. Our stellar $279/night (Sun-Wed) rate expires at the end of the day on Wednesday, May 10. Click here to book your room now!

Visit cdnlaexecutiveretreat.com for more information.