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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

San Carlos, Calif. — Planet Halo recently showcased its sophisticated vehicle recording system at the Chauffeur Driven Show this past November 2-5 in Atlantic City, which included up to four cameras, GPS module, audio recorder, G-force inertial sensor, audio speaker, and mini DVR with 32 gb SD card. The systems, labeled as PH2-S and PH4, are designed to be tamper-resistant specifically for commercial vehicles.

The PH4 captures the interior of the passenger compartment and views form the driver’s perspective toward the front of the vehicle. The external camera are designed to mount on the side panels of the vehicle to capture video along the side. Other recommended positions include a backup camera with the option to plug in an external monitor, and within the passenger compartment for longer vehicles.

Management can now track their vehicle routes, stops and starts, driver and passenger behavior, and speed while viewing the actual video events as they occurred in high-definition video. Variable bit rate recording and colored night vision also enhance the quality of the video captures.

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