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Friday, May 24, 2024 Principal Business Analyst Ken Lucci is pleased to announce the rollout of Driving Financial Success, the first complete financial reporting and management program designed exclusively for the luxury ground transportation industry.

The Driving Financial Success program includes a comprehensive on-line financials course, financial guidebook, COGS formatted chart of accounts, and profit-and-loss report template tailored to the industry as well as strategic implementation assistance and monthly webinars on all subjects financial to assist operators implement the program and stay on course.

“Based on having reviewed and analyzed 250 company financials from $1M to $150M in annual revenue, we find there is a critical need for financial education as well as a financial reporting and management program tailored to our industry that provides much more data and metrics than standard templates,” says Principal Business Analyst Ken Lucci. “Completing this program and implementing these strategies will help business owners grow more profitably with industry specific financial data at their fingertips each month.”

The financial analysts at have performed comprehensive financial reviews of over 250 chauffeured transportation and motorcoach companies representing sellers, buyers, and lenders since 2018. Based on that experience, they have developed an industry-specific financial reporting and statement template based on a direct cost of goods model tailored specifically to the passenger transportation sector. Their Driving Financial Success program is designed to provide owners, executives, and financial managers of transportation companies with critical financial metrics to measure and manage on a monthly basis to assist them grow profitably.

As part of the Driving Financial Success course, participants will receive an array of financial curriculum elements, such as an on-line financials course, complete program guidebook, COG format chart of accounts template, and industry formatted financial statement template. Members also receive support and ongoing financial education, which includes post-course strategic implementation sessions, a monthly webinar on financial subjects, and an invitation to’s annual financial forum. What’s more, the firm is confident that their program will help operators, that they are offering a money-back guarantee.

“Global travel was affected dramatically by COVID, with almost 40 percent of industry operators in the US shutting their doors before the economy reopened,” says Lucci. “The pandemic made it abundantly clear that a solid financial foundation is critical to business survival. All aspects of travel have since returned in earnest and transportation industry demand exceeds capacity in many markets as the industry rebuilds. As fleets and operations are expanded, capital will be required and accurate financial statements with demonstrated profitability will be key. Not only is strong financial reporting imperative for the survival of any transportation business, given the current market conditions, it will also allow any business wishing to granularly manage their financial trends to drive profits higher and grow more in the long term.”

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