Driving Transactions
Tuesday, July 23, 2024
The American Bus Association Foundation

The American Bus Association Foundation (ABAF) recently released an important report that studied the impact that motorcoaches have on the environment. The study, Updated Comparison of Energy Use and Emissions from Different Transportation Modes Using the Latest Available Datasets, was conducted in conjunction with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI). According to the press release regarding the report, this new study expands on another study the ABAF released in 2019 “reaffirming motorcoaches as a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.” The 2019 study was conducted in conjunction with M.J. Bradley & Associates (now part of ERM), an energy and sustainability advisory company.

According to ABAF, the association’s research arm partnered with TTI to assess the environmental impact of motorcoach operations, comparing energy use and emissions with other transportation modes. The report pitted motorcoach travel against other modes such as trains, vanpool, and personal passenger car.

The full report is available at buses.org or via this link: bit.ly/3uhKTtZ.

“This recent report continues to show the energy efficiency and low emissions by motorcoaches, especially on a per person basis. It is clearly the best travel option for most of the traveling public and the environment,” says ABA CEO Peter Pantuso.

Visit buses.org for more information.