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Friday, May 24, 2024
The Transportation Alliance

On March 6, Congress took a major step in helping the for-hire transportation industry get back on its feet post-COVID by requiring the General Services Administration (GSA) to sell half of its annual fleet it sends to auction each year directly to the for-hire transportation industry.

“We cannot thank Representative Carol Miller (R-W.V.), a small business owner herself, enough for introducing this legislation today. Let me be clear, this is not a government handout, nor are these vehicles being given to us,” stated Transportation Alliance (TTA) President Bill Yuhnke.

Bill Yuhnke-TTATransportation Alliance (TTA) President Bill Yuhnke

“COVID-19 had a devastating impact on the passenger ground transportation industry and caused a gap in transportation services available around the country. The Small Business Transportation Investment Act will help local transportation companies stay in business while providing jobs to workers and mobility to the public. This bill will require the GSA to set aside half of the annual inventory of government vehicles it auctions to the public for purchase by small businesses, ensuring the success of local companies throughout the United States,” said Congresswoman Miller.

For-hire transportation services, including non-emergency medical transportation, on-demand transportation, taxis, and charter fleets, contribute significantly to the local economy by providing employment opportunities for drivers and supporting various related industries such as vehicle maintenance, insurance, and fuel services. This industry isa driving force behind economic growth in communities across the nation.

GSA General Services Administration

“Our industry was decimated when the country shutdown. A large number of our member companies lost 70, 80, 9 percent of their business. We survived, barely, but today we still need a partner to help us recover. As a company we try and turnover a large percentage of our fleet each year. Since COVID that has been impossible. The cost of vehicles and the shortage of vehicles has made this impossible. This new program would help us recover, while also helping protect the environment,” added C&H Taxi CEO Jeb Corey.

Shared services contribute to reducing the number of individual vehicles on the road, thereby decreasing traffic congestion and lowering carbon emissions. As most for-hire fleets offer shared ride options, they can be an environmentally conscious choice, aligning with the global push towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

“This legislation is a win-win for industry, the government, the environment, and the community. Industry gets access to newer vehicles at a price they can afford. The government ensures small businesses continue to provide needed tax revenue to the federal coffers. The environment wins by industry retiring older, less fuel-efficient vehicles, while putting newer more fuel-efficient vehicles on the streets. The community also wins. When we take a vehicle off the street we donate it to a local charity, school, or family in need,” concluded Yuhnke.

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