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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
CD/NLA ShowsAffiliate Channel 8 interviews Chauffeur Driven President Chris Weiss

Amid the hustle and bustle of the 2024 CD/NLA Show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last week, Chauffeur Driven President Chris Weiss sat down with Brian Will of local Vegas CBS news affiliate Channel 8 to discuss the event. Set up by CD West Coast Editor David Hartson, the interview provided Weiss with the opportunity to expose the show to the public and share a bit about the state of the industry.

CD/NLA ShowsAWG Ambassador CEO Alan Waxler speaks about the industry’s Vegas footprint with Channel 8

“It was exciting to be featured on the 8NewsNow segment,” says Weiss. “It’s rare that our industry gets featured by the mainstream media. Many attendees caught the story while in their hotel rooms and were discussing it at our Monday night party, as well as the next day on the show floor. It’s exposure that I hope we can build upon in the future.”

Also featured in the segment was AWG Ambassador CEO Alan Waxler, who spoke about the industry’s local footprint in Vegas.

CD/NLA Shows

“Las Vegas is one of the last destinations that provide ‘limousine’ service,” Waxler shared with Will.

The 8NewsNow segment also touched upon the challenges faced by the industry, notably chauffeur shortages and the competition from rideshare companies.

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