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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
ABC Companies

ABC Companies, the exclusive US distributor of Van Hool buses, shared a recent announcement from Van Hool about the bus manufacturer’s recovery plan, which includes a shift away from its Koningshooikt manufacturing site. Van Hool, whose biggest markets are North America and Europe, cites COVID, high energy prices, and worldwide inflation for its continued financial challenges.

ABC Companies Roman CornellABC Companies CEO Roman Cornell

In ABC’s announcement, it was confirmed that Van Hool would focus on growing its manufacturing capabilities at its Macedonia facility, which has supplied vehicles to the US and Canada for the past decade. ABC says that North American customers should not be impacted by the restructuring.

“ABC Companies and the Cornell family fully support this decision and will be working closely with the leadership at Van Hool to ensure a seamless transition. While production for global markets will be shifting to the Macedonia facility, many key operations will remain at the Koningshooikt location. We are confident this restructuring will further enhance Van Hool’s capabilities and service to their global markets. We look forward to our continued partnership with Van Hool and a truly bright future” said ABC Companies CEO Roman Cornell.

ABC Companies

Van Hool noted in its own announcement that production of buses and coaches would mainly take place at the plant in Skopje, northern Macedonia. In Koningshooikt, the IV (Industrial Vehicles) division would focus on semi-trailers requiring a higher degree of expertise and offering higher added value for the customer as well as for Van Hool. The B&C (Bus & Coach) division would keep its knowledge center, research & development, prototype building and after-sales in Koningshooikt.

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