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Friday, May 24, 2024
ABC Companies

ABC Companies has announced a new collaboration with Martin Energy Group (MEG), producers of clean energy systems. The partners say they will redefine the energy landscape by offering cutting-edge microgrid and power storage solutions designed to promote energy independence. The announcement comes on the heels of the Biden administration’s ramp up of cutting emissions across the spectrum of vehicle manufacturing.  

Martin Energy Group

Leveraging MEG’s comprehensive suite of power generation offerings, including generator sets and EPA-certified engines with capacities ranging from 330kW to 1000kW, alongside advanced microgrid and energy storage systems, these engines can operate on natural gas or propane providing flexibility and adaptability in energy generation. Power solutions can be precisely tailored to meet fluctuating demands, offering a seamless match for a diverse range of energy needs.

MEG offers engines that not only cater to stationary applications but also mobile charging solutions. Each engine can be housed in a stationary weatherproof enclosure or mounted on a trailer, providing flexible options for mobile energy needs. This offering is especially beneficial for customers requiring adaptable solutions for electrification and mobility projects.

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