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Sunday, April 21, 2024

LANJ Chirico Scholarship ProgramLANJ establishes the Barbara J. Chirico Scholarship Program

The Limousine Association of New Jersey (LANJ) is proud to announce the Barbara J. Chirico Scholarship Program, which has been established to assist the children of current LANJ member families who will be attending college, trade school, or post-graduate school in the coming year.

The Scholarship Program has been established in the memory of Barbara Chirico, founder of Gem Worldwide Transportation, past president of the National Limousine Association, and longtime LANJ member and officer who passed away in January 2024. A chauffeured transportation industry trailblazer, Chirico was well known for her zest for life and the help she gave to others.

The parent(s) of each scholarship applicant must be a current/active owner or employee of a LANJ member company at the time of the scholarship award.

Three scholarships are being offered:

  • Barbara Chirico Academic Excellence Scholarship ($2,500)
  • Barbara Chirico Community Service Scholarship ($1,000)
  • Barbara Chirico Leadership Scholarship ($500)

Scholarship Program applications will be emailed to all LANJ members on April 1, 2024.

Application submissions will be considered by the Scholarship Review Committee, which will be comprised of at least five LANJ board members and Barbara's daughter Deanna Gulino of Gem Worldwide. Committee members shall be appointed annually by the LANJ president.

All completed applications must be submitted by June 30, 2024. Scholarship awards will be made by July 15, 2024.

Following are the criteria for scholarship selection:

  • Application completion and thoroughness
  • Current GPA and school performance
  • Volunteer activities, sports, and club memberships
  • Work ethic and demonstration of responsibility
  • Detailed narrative that demonstrates the applicant's need, strong moral character, and family values

Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the scholarship recipient's educational institution. Scholarship recipients will continue to be eligible for four years of college term if they maintain a GPA of 3.2 each year. Copies of college transcripts can be submitted directly to the Scholarship Committee annually for payment of the scholarship award. Recipients will be capped to four years of awards.

Visit lanj.org for more information.