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Friday, June 14, 2024

North Brunswick, N.J. — Representatives from Mobility Ventures along with New Jersey volunteer firefighters, and members of the community, were recently on hand at an event where a new, fully wheelchair accessible MV-1 was donated to the Woodward family of Mount Laurel, New Jersey. 

This past summer, while working as a waitress, Liz Woodward picked up the breakfast tab for two volunteer firefighters, one of whom had just come back from working a fire. Taken by her gesture, the firefighters were inspired to action when they learned Woodward had started the "Woodward Strong" campaign to raise money for her father, who had suffered a brain aneurysm some years earlier and was in need of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. In an act of "paying it forward," the two firefighters helped her boost the campaign from $30,000 to $80,000 and reach over 125 countries.

After hearing her story, Mobility Ventures was inspired to match the generosity of Woodward, the firefighters, and the thousands of campaign donors by providing the Woodward family with a fully wheelchair accessible MV-1 vehicle.

"When we heard about Liz's efforts to help her father and the incredible support she's received from her community, we were deeply inspired and wanted to pay forward her kindness," says Pat Kemp, Mobility Ventures executive vice president. "We're happy to have a hand in giving her family back their mobility and freedom, and the peace of mind that comes from driving a safe and reliable vehicle."

"The generosity and kindness the campaign supporters and Mobility Ventures have shown is really incredible, and I hope this brings hope to others in similar situations and inspires people to help those in need in any way possible," said Woodward. "We truly appreciate it."

The MV-1 is the only purpose-built wheelchair-accessible vehicle. The MV-1 redefines accessible transportation with a built-in side-entry power ramp, ample head room, and seating for up to five, which includes the ability to safely accommodate two wheelchair users at a time—one of whom rides in the front and the other in the spacious passenger area—making it the perfect solution for consumers, commercial use, and government fleets.

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