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Saturday, March 02, 2024

Manchester, N.H.—In light of the horrific events involving limousines this past year, it’s good to hear of chauffeurs who can help keep not only their clients safe, but also the general public. Mike Silva, chauffeur and facilities coordinator at Grace Limousine in Manchester, N.H., showed what good training amounts to when he spotted and contained an engine fire on the side of the road this past August.

Silva was crossing the Amoskeag Bridge when he saw a man waving large amounts of smoke away from the front of his Cadillac. Silva pulled over and jumped into action. In recollection of his safety training, he retrieved the fire extinguisher from his limousine and put the fire out. Both the driver of the Cadillac and Silva were unharmed. After the police arrived, he returned to the base to clean and replace the fire extinguisher. Nice job, Mike!

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