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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Louisville, Ky.--The Kentucky Limousine Association (KLA) hosted one of its most popular and important meetings of the year this past week at Bourbon’s Bistro in Louisville. The September 10 meeting focused on state and federal regulations governing the limousine industry.

The meeting started with a discussion by Linda Goodman and Preston Cox of the U.S. DOT, which focused heavily on interstate commerce laws. As they explained, if someone were to pay for a ride as they landed in another state, interstate commerce laws would not apply. However, if the pick-up was scheduled from another state before the passenger arrived at their destination, then interstate commerce laws would apply.

Officer Jared Newberry of the Kentucky State Police came by to discuss new rules for the transportation industry—specifically for chauffeurs. Now, K.Y. chauffeurs must drive with proof of their required physical examinations or they will be put out of service. Furthermore, any drivers who wear contact lenses must have a spare pair of glasses in the car and any drivers with hearing aids must have a spare set of batteries for them. Newberry also informed members of a four hour safety course for chauffeurs that, after finished, could qualify operators for an insurance discount.

Megan Hogue of Chauffeur Driven also came to give a preview for November’s CD Show in Atlantic City. Hogue came with a free pass to the show, which was raffled off and won by Todd Roberts of JACO Limousines and Transportation.

At the end of the meeting, everyone present shared a moment of silence for the twelfth anniversary of 9/11 attacks the following day.

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