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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

CTG Chicago— Chicago’s Transportation Group (CTG) was recently named as the recipient of the Second Quarter 2016 Livery Management Consultants (LMC) Group Circle of Excellence Award. CTG won the award for excellence in recruiting and hiring practices.

Led by managing director/founder Tracy Hodge-Raimer, CTG offers strategic management expertise to other Chicago-area livery companies. They provide solutions to these companies by offering affordable customization of their management services. CTG has extremely high standards for its employees, and these standards are evident in the time and dedication they pour into their recruiting efforts and hiring practices.

I’ve been impressed by CTG’s commitment to recruiting and hiring, one of the more difficult and time-consuming activities for any company,” said LMC Group Director of Human Resources Christina Davis. “Tracy prioritizes recruiting and hiring with the goal of enhancing CTG’s current culture. Candidates interview with multiple managers so CTG can get a well-rounded picture of each candidate. The commitment to excellence does not end with hiring; CTG provides thorough training to its new employees to set them up for success. Taking the time to make good hires means CTG is well positioned to continue its success.”

Communication is key in the recruiting and hiring process, from job descriptions to recruiter relationships to effective interviews.
I have been thoroughly impressed with the CTG team--and they really are a cohesive team in their approach to the entire hiring process,” commented LMC Group Recruiter Alison Ford. “They are quick to clarify and adapt job descriptions as needed. They give me, their recruiter, honest feedback about candidates they interview. They provide plenty of details about the type of person they are seeking and about the requirements of the position. This level of communication leads to better recruiting outcomes. Better communication equals better candidates, better hires, increased trust, and less turnover.”

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