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jose luciano Jose Luciano of Park Avenue Limousine at Philly mainstay Geno’s Steaks Senior Chauffeur at Park Avenue Limousine in Trevose, Pa.

The second you get into Jose Luciano’s car, you’re transformed from a limousine passenger into a luminary. Luciano, a senior chauffeur with Park Avenue Limousine in Trevose, Pa., makes every effort to ensure that his clients are given five-star treatment with each trip. Whether it’s being at least 30 minutes early for every pickup or having his client’s preferred newspaper ready, Luciano goes the extra mile in every way.

“Jose is the ultimate chauffeur,” said Park Avenue’s owner Alan Candeub. “Every company has good chauffeurs, but Jose goes above and beyond.”

Candeub then enthusiastically rolled off a list of traits that make a great chauffeur: attention to detail, superior customer service, reliability, and loyalty–plus the attention that Luciano gives to his passengers.

“Jose thinks outside the box and does things that aren’t asked of him,” noted Candeub. “When a client gets into his car, it looks like a 7-Eleven—there is everything you could possibly want to eat. Also, if you’re coming from a business trip, and you forgot to bring your son or daughter a present, Jose has an array of brand-new toys on his back deck that you can choose from. This is all done on his dime. His service level is not something I can’t teach or put in an employee manual.”

I treat everybody like a VIP; I don’t care who they are."
– Jose Luciano of Park Avenue Limousine

Sales and Customer Service Manager Briana Candeub concurred. “Jose is thoughtful and always makes sure things are right,” she said. “He tries to know every detail about his customers before he picks them up. He’s always one step ahead.”

This careful, forward-thinking way of doing business comes from Luciano’s previous career, where he spent 21 years as a private investigator and security professional. Needless to say, this career entailed a great deal of risk.

“Things began to get a little hairy,” he said. “So my family asked me to think about finding a different job.” Without hesitation, Luciano ditched his P.I. license and went to work using his driver’s license instead after cold-calling a local limousine company. Impressed by his resume, he began working almost immediately. Before long, Luciano would have one of his most memorable rides.

“I got a call at about 10 p.m. asking me to be at the airport with a white stretch limo,” he revealed. “When I got to the airport, there were state troopers and local police waiting, but no one would tell me who I was waiting for.” Finally, a private plane landed and Luciano discovered who he was driving, and although he remained secretive, he hinted that the passenger was a legendary pop music icon... and definitely no candle in the wind.

After two years with the company, the firm closed unexpectedly. But Luciano did not find himself without work for long. He was familiar with Park Avenue and its reputation, and his work ethic made an immediate impact on Candeub. In the eight years he’s been with Park Avenue, he’s advanced to his position of senior chauffeur and trains the next generation of chauffeurs at the company.

“Jose takes it very seriously; he considers it an honor and a privilege to train our chauffeurs. But to be honest, we often have to ‘dumb down’ drivers after they get trained by Jose,” joked Candeub.

Given the impressive care that Luciano puts into his job, it’s no surprise that he is Park Avenue’s most-requested chauffeur. One long-time Park Avenue client noted, “Jose is unique in that he always maintains his professional demeanor while making you feel that a friend is driving you.” Furthermore, Luciano is a familiar face to a Philadelphia area law firm. “Trips short and long always start and end on a high note when Jose is there,” said one of the firm’s partners.

“You know he’s looking out for you and your travel connections. And he’s fun to travel with!” An executive assistant for the firm agreed: “Knowing Jose is on the job takes away all anxiety and stress from my job because he always delivers with the utmost professionalism.”

With a great deal of humbleness, Luciano posited the secret to his success. “I treat everybody like a VIP; I don’t care who they are. When I drive, I get to meet everyone from students to corporate professionals to celebrities and athletes. It’s a lot of fun.” [CD0316]

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