Tuesday, September 26, 2023
CD Media Vault As our brand begins its seventh (!) year as a publication and producer of industry events, it’s fun reminiscing about all of the good times we had with our attendees, from the numerous seminars and workshops to exclusive events like Benchmark Breakouts and affiliate networking opportunities to the legendary after-hours parties. After all, with six shows, four executive retreats, and one Canadian Summit under our belts, we’ve presented more than 120 sessions! While we always aim to tackle the most pressing topics of our time, our education was never solely focused on the here and now—we regularly challenge attendees to keep their eyes on the bigger picture of growth, trends of the future, and being an industry leader.

But I’m not just writing this to walk down memory lane. We’ve been working on a project behind the scenes for the greater part of two years that we’re finally ready to unveil to our readers: Our CD Media Vault. This industry resource, accessible online at cdmediavault.com, is available to anyone interested in experiencing our show’s education—complete with PowerPoints and handouts (in many cases)—again or for the first time. The recordings have come a long way: You’ll see that our first few years were audio only but have since graduated to high-quality videos for many of the most recent events. Each and every session is free to access, so you can share these invaluable seminars taught by industry experts and outside business professionals alike with your team and chauffeurs. Our seminars range in time from an hour to more than two, but they are worth their weight in gold. Use these sessions as part of staff training, or just relive the topic yourself when looking for guidance.

CD Media Vault The entire catalogue of videos is searchable, so if you want to hear sessions presented by a certain speaker, it’s only a click away. Topics run the gamut at every show, but you’re sure to find the evergreen issues that affect all business owners from leadership and managing employees to cultivating a company culture to training to crafting a plan for adding motorcoaches to your fleet to retirement. We’ve also included our annual State of the Industry address—always a packed house at the show—so you can hear the thoughts of our industry leaders throughout the years.

Speaking of reminiscing, we’ve also uploaded a TON of great photos from all seven years of shows, so be sure to click on our Photo Galleries to check out some of the most memorable snapshots of our attendees doing what they do best—enjoying themselves at the CD Show! You’ll find everything from the heartwarming photos of our Charity Dinner & Auction to those unforgettable costume parties to our exclusive Executive Retreats around the country.

This site, in addition to our monthly magazine, is your go-to resource for all the education that you expect Chauffeur Driven to deliver. We’re thrilled to be able to share this with our industry and, most of all, our loyal readers. Our website will continue to grow as we add sessions from our upcoming 2019 events, including May’s Austin Executive Retreat and our annual show in Boston this October 13-16.

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Don’t forget that every article we’ve ever published is also available online in our digital archives. You can access them at chauffeurdriven.com/digital-edition.html.
"This site, in addition to our monthly magazine, is your go-to resource for all the education that you expect Chauffeur Driven to deliver."
We’re advocates of lifelong learning and sharing knowledge with the industry we love and represent, so we’re thrilled to be able to open our CD Media Vault to you. We hope you enjoy exploring it! [https://cdmediavault.com/]    [CD0419]