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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Springfield, Mo. —Springfield Coach Group recently announced that Chrysler is extending their standard factory warranty to include vehicles that have been upfitted into limousines. As the country’s largest manufacturer of Chrysler limousines, Springfield is pleased to be part of this new program that covers powertrain and vehicle warranties up to 100,000 miles.

“Chrysler is working hard to get more involved in the chauffeured ground transportation industry,” said Springfield Vice President Kevin West, “And we’re working to get them even more involved. This extended warranty is their first major step in that direction.”

The extended factory warranty is in effect for vehicles with the 2016 factory year or later. Springfield’s Dodge Durango and Chrysler 300 limousines are among those covered. West said that this was a smart decision for Chrysler as it has given operators another choice in the market.

"I would say one of the biggest advantages with the Chrysler 300 limousine in this program is that it gives buyers a traditional limousine look. Other manufacturers have moved away from offering this type of vehicle. It’s a great car to service the industry: it’s big inside, has rear wheel drive for an exceptional ride, and now has a 100K mile warranty.”

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