AWG Ambassador
Tuesday, October 03, 2023

First Responders Lives Matter Naples, Fla. — Moved by the recent rash of shootings of police officers throughout the country, Ron Ziemba felt compelled to do his part to show his appreciation for the danger they face every day. Over the last six months, the American Comfort Limousines founder worked to create, a charity dedicated to helping the families of police officers, EMS professionals, and firefighters in Collier, Lee, and Charlotte counties in Florida.

In a letter announcing the launch of the charity, Ziemba explained: “Their job has become so dangerous. Could you imagine calling 911 and there is no one to help? We can start with support and appreciation for all of them.”

“If you just read the story from October when two police officers were killed in California, you will see the importance of this message. The officers killed were a 35-year veteran who was planning to retire in December, and a young mother just returning to the force from maternity leave. There is now a baby that will grow up without a mom,” says Jon Ziemba, president of American Comfort.

He says that his father has given up most daily functions of the transportation company (and placed in the trusted hands of his family and office staff) to dedicate nearly 100 percent of his time—unpaid—to the charity, of which he is president. “Our company founder—our dad--always believed in giving back: Our transportation business over the past six years has given tens of thousands of dollars to the Lighthouse of Collier here in Naples, Florida, a charity for the blind, many of whom are small children. He has a mission and will not stop till our world is just a little safer.”

According to the charity’s website, roughly 10 percent of donations will be used in local schools to promote the appreciation and respect of first responders as leaders in their community, 40 percent will be used to purchase equipment and services to enhance the safety of first responders such as protective vests, and the remaining 50 percent dedicated to fund that will help injured first responders or the family of the fallen with immediate needs such as funeral expenses

Visit for more information on how to donate or get involved.