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Thursday, February 02, 2023

Oklahoma City, Ok. — Kings Worldwide Transportation recently received the Third Quarter 2016 LMC Group Circle of Excellence Award. The company won the award for excellence in HR compliance and implementation.

Operations Manager Ken Southard Since its inception in 1978 as Kings Limousine, Kings has grown to become the provider of choice for high-end transportation in Oklahoma City and in 500 cities around the world. With Greg Pruitt and Joey Allen at the helm, Kings continues to expand its reach and offer impeccable service to all of its customers.

With growth come new challenges and responsibilities. Fortunately, Kings has Ken Southard. Ken is the newly-appointed Operations Manager at Kings, whose responsibilities include tracking HR compliance, implementing HR standards, and managing staff. Ken has done an amazing job in all of these areas.

LMC Group Director of Human Resources Christina Davis has worked closely with Kings and Ken to develop their HR department. Kings now has a thorough and well-administered training program and 30/60/90 day check-ins with employees. A monthly newsletter and quarterly employee meetings have enhanced communication. Clear and effective feedback, as well as the implementation of the Kings Cash rewards program, has bolstered employee motivation and buy-in.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to assist Kings in their HR efforts,” said Davis. “I believe they have made the commitments and implemented the programs to ensure the excellence of its HR compliance and its employee base. Kings will continue to grow and achieve with this solid foundation, and the lion’s share of the credit goes to Ken Southard’s focus and dedication.”

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