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Friday, December 01, 2023
FLA FLA President Rick Versace

Atlantic City, N.J. — The Florida Limousine Association (FLA) met up November 14. Led by President Rick Versace of A1A Limousine & Airport Service, those in attendance discussed potential changes the industry could be facing on both the local and national levels.

With the election preceding the meeting by less than a week, the future of the Affordable Care Act—commonly referred to as “Obama Care”—was in question. Possible changes to the Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, and Department of Labor were also discussed.

FLA The National Limousine Association’s (NLA’s) upcoming legislative session will determine the five states where it will zero in on key TNC battles. It is looking for regions that have the best chance of seeing the passage of legislation that protects the riding public. The FLA has seen success joining with its regional taxi industry in terms of preventing TNCs from gaining significant traction, and is now setting its sights on such passenger-friendly legislation. A top priority will be advocating and lobbying to make fingerprint background checks mandatory for all for-hire providers: luxury ground transportation, taxis, and TNCs.

Versace emphasized that leveling the playing field and putting TNCs on the defensive will be a central focus of the year to come. He credited the NLA with working to ensure that TNCs’ comparatively lax approach to safety—both of their passengers and the riding public in general—remains a rallying cry for the industry and a prevailing topic in conversations about rail-hailing services.

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