Friday, October 07, 2022

Chosen Payments donating presents Destiny, Heather, and Melody sharing their holiday with Chosen Payments’ Sarah McKee and Jeff Brodsly Moorpark, Calif. —Credit card processor Chosen Payments recently helped two families in need have a “Chosen Christmas” by donating presents and gift cards this holiday season. The company selected a family in the Midwest as well as a local household who have been struggling with financial issues over the year.

In Michigan, Chosen Payments assisted a family of five, whose middle child, Melody, suffers from Moebius syndrome, a rare neurological disorder characterized by weakness or paralysis of multiple cranial nerves. The condition puts Melody in the hospital for months at a time, which puts a hefty financial burden on the family. 

After hearing of the family’s plight, Sarah McKee, Chosen’s VIP client relationship manager, arranged for the company to adopt the family, and she and CEO Jeff Brodsly travel to meet the family in person. In addition to the gifts donated by Chosen Payments others in the family’s community came forward and made a mortgage payment for them.

In their hometown, Chosen assisted a single mom raising three kids. This Moorpark family was brought to the company’s attention through the local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club. Chosen acted as Santa, and gifted the children with toys, sporting goods, clothes, and shoes as well as a family dinner at Red Lobster.

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