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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Premiere #1 Handicap-Accessible Motorcoach Premiere #1 adds Van Hool CX45 as it's first handicap-accessible motorcoach Middletown, Pa. — Premiere #1 Limousine Service has added its first handicap-accessible, 56-passenger motorcoach to its fleet.

Equipped with a wheelchair lift, the 2016 Van Hool CX45 can accommodate two wheelchairs at one time.

Purchased from ABC Companies in Camden, N.J., this is the third 56-passenger motorcoach to be added to Premiere’s fleet, joining the two previously purchased Volvo 9700 models. All three motorcoaches were added to the fleet within an 18-month span.

Premiere #1 “When we added the first two motorcoaches, we were striving to meet the demands of our clients and the region,” explained Douglas Rydbom, Sr. Member of Premiere. “The addition of this motorcoach was for the same purpose—accommodating all of our clients and making sure that we provide transportation to anyone in need.”

Passengers of the new handicap-accessible motorcoach will still receive chauffeur-driven services, as with all other vehicles in the fleet.

“We are happy to have a handicap-accessible motorcoach and still be able to provide the same professionalism with our chauffeured services and email updates for each reservation,” said Rydbom. “We want to spread the word about this new addition to our fleet so that we can service those who need it.”

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