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Monday, August 08, 2022

Steve Rhoads PRLA President King of Prussia, Pa. — The Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association (PRLA) returned to Maggiano’s Little Italy on March 8 for a general membership meeting. More than 30 members and guests were in attendance, including guests from WSFS Bank. PRLA President Steve Rhoads of Rhoads Limousine served as the meeting’s host.

After welcoming members, Rhoads kicked off the meeting by sharing the terms of the association’s long-in-the-works settlement with the Philadelphia Parking Association (PPA). For close to a year, the PRLA has been engaged in a lawsuit with the city over a proposed $865 per car operations fee, which was more than double the previous requirement. After securing an attorney, the association was able to reach agreements with the PPA over several issues. First, and most significantly, the city agreed to a $500.00 per car fee for the 2017 fiscal year, with a $550.00 cap for 2018. While the PRLA was hoping to pay a percentage of wages earned by intra-city work—as with taxis and TNCs—this would require a change to existing legislation in Harrisburg.

PRLA Additionally, the PPA agreed to reduce licensing fees for PPA certified drivers from $135.00 to $25.00, giving them an option to purchase a two-year license. The city also simplified the licensing process, allowing chauffeurs and drivers to renew in a single visit—as opposed to the three trips that were required previously. Lastly, the PPA lowered the inspection fees to $25.00. Currently, PRLA members are in process of signing off on the agreement, and once that is complete, the new levies will go into effect.

Next, Rhoads discussed potentially hiring a lobbyist to represent the PRLA in Harrisburg. While recent efforts in the statehouse have garnered some success for the association, Rhoads said that an experienced lobbyist is bound to get into “the right doors” to make more of an impact with the lawmakers. PRLA members were encouraged to think of ways to increase funds for the organization to make it viable to hire a lobbyist.

The evening concluded with a presentation from Glenn Kocher and Annette McKee from WSFS Bank. The two financial professionals spoke about auto financing and offered deals to any PRLA members looking to add vehicles to their fleets.

PRLA’s next meeting will be in May.

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