Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Tiffany Frison‚ Events ManagerOrlando — Destination MCO recently announced the addition of four managers to its existing team of 25 office staff, including Controller Bill Gompel, Reservations Manager Ciara Oquendo, Events Manager Tiffany Frison, and Sales Manager Jennifer Toller.

According to Destination MCO CEO Nour Elotmani, the new additions are in line with the company’s strategy of further building internal infrastructure to expand capacity and extend sales efforts into new market segments. This June, the company will celebrate its “Sweet 16” anniversary.

Bill Gompel‚ Controller“We are excited to bring the new staff on board. Bill and Ciara will help strengthen our operational foundations and further streamline internal processes while Tiffany and Jennifer will add new expertise to our existing sales efforts. These additions have been in the works for months and we are happy to have found the right fit for our growing company,” says Elotmani.

Ciara Oquendo‚ Reservations ManagerBill Gompel brings a wealth of knowledge from his 30+ years of accounting/finance experience across a broad range of industries in both service as well as manufacturing environments. While a stellar resume helped Gompel secure the interview, Elotmani says that it was his personality and focus on integrity that made him a great fit to lead Destination MCO’s finance department as the company embarks upon the next step in its growth trajectory.

Ciara Oquendo joins Destination MCO after spending 12+ years in the tour operator industry as an accounts manager. VP of Operations and Director of Affiliate Relations Sami Elotmani says that Oquendo’s hospitality sales experience and service-driven personality make her the perfect fit to execute the company’s goal of shifting the reservations department into a metric-driven sales function.

Jennfier Toller‚ Sales Manager“As our company continues along its growth path, one of our crucial goals is to become a more data-driven company; especially when it comes to department goal-setting and tracking activities. Ciara’s skill set and experience allows us to continue along that path and creates an added layer of accountability at a crucial department,” he says.

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