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Saturday, December 02, 2023
Houston, Texas—Elite Limousines of Houston announced in early January that it had acquired Mike Turner’s Quality Chauffeured Limousine in Houston.

"Mike has a quality book of loyal frequent travelers," says Renzo Ormsbee, president of Elite Limousines of Houston. “Acquiring Quality gives us a strong book of great clients, several cars, another high caliber chauffeur in Mike, and also gives us a segue into the niche market of personal protection and security in Houston."

“I enjoy being a chauffeur, but handling the business side of things can sometimes effect my availability to service my clients’ needs, especially during peak periods. My wife practically demanded that I get this deal done before the upcoming rodeo season in February,” says Turner, about the sale of his company. "I have known Renzo for some time and we have been discussing this deal for a year or so. I knew that Renzo and his team are the type of people that could service my clients professionally. By becoming part of the Elite team, I gain the depth and economy of scale that I need to provide better service to all of my clients, who have become friends."

"This is our third acquisition in the last 3 years." said Ormsbee. "Owners have come to me because they know that I have the people and procedures in place to handle their clients the same way they would. They have established relationships with their clients and don't want to let them down, even as they exit the industry. I am proud that my company is viewed positively by my industry peers and we'll continue to do what's required to keep that reputation."

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