Chauffeur Driven NLA Show Texas 2021
Monday, April 12, 2021

GCLA GCLA President David Kinney of API Global Transportation More than 75 attendees came out to support the Greater California Livery Association (GCLA) when it met up in Las Vegas March 14. CD Industry & Brand Ambassador Philip Jagiela was among those present for the evening meeting.

With President David Kinney of API Global Transportation at the helm, the meeting kicked off with a summary of the association’s January Day on the Hill in Sacramento. Kinney also thanked those who participated in the legislative event for their support and encouraged more members to attend in the future.

Amendments to SB-109, a bill pertaining to emergency exits in party-carrying vehicles, were considered a “significant victory” for GCLA and the industry alike, as it changed the financially onerous original mandate of adding a fifth door to one that more realistically required an exit hatch in limousines. Members were reminded that January 1, 2018, is the new date for enforcement for adding pop-out windows or a roof hatch to limousines that required modification.

GCLA The meeting’s keynote speakers were Charles and Spencer Tenney of Tenney Group, which specializes in the acquisitions and mergers of transportation companies. The father and son, respectively, discussed the industrywide trends they’ve seen emerge, such as the acceleration of retirements, concerns over regulation, rising interest rates, and high valuations.

The Tenneys went on to emphasize the importance of educating potential buyers. After explaining why having—and being familiar with—a business plan can help tell your story, they covered topics that help owners become better sellers, such as taking a proactive role in the sales process, offering confidentiality protection, and doing credit checks on those who express interest in doing business with you. From a buyer perspective, the two stressed the importance of authentic empathy, humility, and kindness in approaching a deal with a seller who might be coming to the deal reluctantly, and cautioned against walking away from negotiations too soon, as there is a shared risk in virtually every transaction.

In terms of regional news, beginning May 11, all operators dropping off passengers at Los Angeles International Airport will have to ask their passengers which terminal they’re heading to, due to increased congestion during the Delta relocation from terminals 5 and 6 to 2 and 3—the largest airline relocation in LAX history, which will affect 21 airlines. For pickups, GCLA suggests checking with airlines and to ensure passengers are met at the correct terminal. Visit to learn more about the relocation.

Next up for the GCLA is its May 16 meeting in San Diego. Visit for more information. [CD0517]