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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

DEEM San Francisco — Deem, a mobile and cloud technology provider for the business travel industry, announced expanded partnerships with Dav El/BostonCoach and EmpireCLS. The chauffeured ground transportation providers will integrate their offerings into Deem’s Work Fource, a travel software platform used by more than 35,000 corporations and travel management companies around the world.

“We are breaking new ground with this approach,” said John F. Rizzo, President and Chief Operating Officer, Deem. “For the first time, travelers will be connected to service providers in a way that’s optimal for everyone, ensuring traveler satisfaction and safety, better cost control for the corporation and full servicing capabilities for the travel management company. Everyone wins.”

Scott Solombrino Scott Solombrino of Dav El/BostonCoach“This makes booking our services easier than ride-sharing,” said Scott Solombrino, spokesperson for the Marcou Transportation Group and President and CEO of Dav El/BostonCoach. “Travelers don’t have to worry about the logistics or planning at all. The system makes precise, customized recommendations, and all users have to do is pick the one they like and tap ‘yes’.”

With car service tightly integrated into Deem’s industry-leading Work Fource online booking platform, travelers can book their entire trip in one end-to-end flow. The integration also provides the ability to anticipate and match users’ needs and preferences, while complying with company guidelines. In addition to intelligently matching the service with the traveler, the traveler no longer needs to fill in details like pick-up location or time—the system already knows where they are and when. It also tracks changes in travel, such as a delayed flight to automatically update the ride reservation and keep users informed.

“Traveler behavior is changing dramatically,” said Solombrino “Through our partnership with Deem we can now offer more highly targeted and differentiated services to our target audience of travelers.”

Seelinger David Seelinger of EmpireCLS “The Deem platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to compile and analyze millions of data points, including sentiment data, reviews, and a traveler’s profile and past behavior,” said Tony D’Astolfo, chief commercial officer, Deem. “It then offers the appropriate level of ground service for that traveler. For example, CEOs may receive premium ‘meet and greet’ service, mid-level executives, a black car service, and a shuttle bus for a contractor.”

“In the past many companies had no choice but to turn off the chauffeured transportation option, rather than risk non-compliant bookings,” said David Seelinger, chairman and CEO, EmpireCLS. “Now with this partnership, they can offer employees the security of fully accredited, insured chauffeured transport, confident that everything conforms to corporate travel and spending policies.”

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