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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Unique II Worldwide CEO Marcello BustamanteTeterboro, N.J. — Unique II Worldwide Premiered Chauffeured Services has expanded its service to now include a location at Fontainebleau Aviation in Opa-locka, Fla. The company will continue to serve clients at their Meridian Terminal office at Teterboro Airport.

According to Marcello Bustamante, CEO of Unique II Worldwide, the company’s 15 years of serving clients within the private aviation industry with a 5 star+ rating, afforded them the opportunity to join forces with Fontainebleau Aviation. “This new location will allow us to provide the same quality service our clients have become accustomed to,” says Bustamante.

Unique II Worldwide believes that the leadership of their Florida staff will provide an extension to the services they already provide. Fontainebleau Aviation has an outstanding reputation in our industry, which is beneficial expanding the Unique II brand to Florida.

“Partnering with Unique II Worldwide will allow our clients to enjoy the 5-star service that Unique II brings with them. This is what our clientele deserves and is looking forward to,” says Anthony Banome of Fontainebleau Aviation.

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