Thursday, July 09, 2020

Limo Bus Compliance Phoenix — Regulatory consultant firm Limo & Bus Compliance and industry tech provider Rental Limo have announced that they have aligned to create a resource to vet affiliates, thereby improving safety within the chauffeured ground transportation industry. Their new site allows operators use links and information provided to help ensure that all of your affiliates are playing by DOT rules.

With safety at the core of both companies, the alliance began as light conversation between Ryan Hilberth, founder and CEO of Rental Limo, and Joe Guinn, managing partner/DOT consultant of Limo & Bus Compliance, at a Greater California Livery Association event. While it was not clear how the two companies could work together, it became evident that the two companies shared the same goals and values, and a partnership was worth pursuing to make the roads safer and more compliant.

“When I initially approached Ryan to learn more about their operation, it was not exactly clear how we could work together,” says Guinn. “I was intrigued that Ryan seemed to care so much about the legalities and compliance nuances for ground transportation, especially since his main concern was vetting his vendors rather than just trying to sign up the masses on Rental Limo.”

Rental Limo From there, the two parties came together and identified different opportunities where they could work together. Very soon it became clear that the two could team up and set a new precedent on vetting requirements. While requiring all Rental Limo-sourced rides to be entirely compliant would inevitably shrink their pool of available vehicles for clients, it also ensures that all vendors meet the highest duty of care.

“Ryan and I sat down for breakfast at the limo show in D.C. to discuss further, and I was impressed that for the first time a technology provider and industry supporter cared enough about safety and compliance to require that all vendors operating in their system are fully compliant with federal, state and local regulations,” says Chris Przybylski, partner at Limo & Bus Compliance.

As part of their agreement, Limo & Bus Compliance will vet all Rental Limo members, an exclusive arrangement in the chauffeured transportation technology space, making sure our new potential operators are eligible to become active Rental Limo members within 72 hours of signing up.

“We are thrilled to be aligning with Chris and Joe.  Our companies share the same philosophy on the importance of safety and playing by the rules,” says Hilberth. “These guys are extremely knowledgeable and we are super excited to be working together with them on projects involving this worthy and shared cause.”

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