Boston Chauffeur Driven Show
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Boston Chauffeur Founder & CEO Mark Kini (third from left) meets with staff in the company’s new headquarters Beverly, Mass. — Full-service luxury ground transportation provider Boston Chauffeur recently announced that they have relocated into new offices at 600 Cummings Center. The company’s new headquarters offers a more contemporary and larger setting that will allow for collaborative employee interaction.

Boston Chauffeur Founder and CEO Mark Kini said of the move, “We are tremendously excited about the move. This is a new chapter for Boston Chauffeur as we work to overcome the many challenges the business and our industry face in 2018.”

The new headquarters will also allow the company to offer a separate area for training and development, which includes an LCD projector, smart TV technology for educational streaming videos, and old-fashioned whiteboard for classroom use.

In addition to the benefits of operating in a larger space, Kini says the new location has already provided the company with an increase in walk-in business. The company has already had numerous bookings from walk-in clients since the beginning of the new year.

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