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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

New York — Following Uber and Lyft's recent responses to its public service announcement (PSA), "The Signs," the National Limousine Association (NLA) is renewing its call for legislation mandating fingerprint-based background checks and universal drug screening for ride-hailing service drivers.

In the NLA's PSA, ride-hail apps are linked to instances of sexual assault and passengers are encouraged to think twice before utilizing these services. Uber and Lyft have responded to the PSA, claiming that they perform rigorous background checks on all drivers to ensure the safety of passengers. However, as demonstrated recently in Colorado and Massachusetts, the background checks of these companies are ineffectual, and have missed thousands of drivers with criminal backgrounds and resulted in the dismissal of 11 percent of their workforce in some cases.

Buffo NLA President Gary Buffo"Uber and Lyft continue to evade the issues and questions concerning their driver screening procedures," said Gary Buffo, president of the NLA. Continued Buffo, "A truly comprehensive screening process would include a fingerprint-based background check solution, with the ability to find crimes many years back and across state lines. Additionally, in-person interviews, as well as drug and alcohol screening, are noticeably absent from the ride-hail vetting process, at the same time that our nation is suffering through an opioid crisis. It is time that all transportation providers are held to a much higher standard."

Through its Ride Responsibly initiative, the NLA has formed multiple partnerships over several years to advocate for stricter driver vetting. The NLA has also tirelessly advocated for the rights of ride-hail drivers, who are currently misclassified as independent contractors rather than as employees.

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