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Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Scott RudderScott RudderLumberton, N.J. — Management and Government Resources, Inc. (MGR) is pleased to announce that former Assemblyman Scott Rudder has joined the firm as Partner effective immediately.

“Scott will be a tremendous addition to our firm,” says Barry Lefkowitz, founding partner at MGR. “His background and energy will benefit our clients as well as positively impact our overall growth strategies.”

MGR has been a successful bi-partisan government relations firm since 1980. Focusing on pro-business causes, Barry Lefkowitz and MGR have successfully led major legislative campaigns at the local, state, federal and international levels.

“Here at MGR, we pride ourselves in our ability to look at the big picture, put together a strategy and execute a plan that will directly benefit our clients,” says Lefkowitz. “With Scott coming on board, we now have an individual with years of government leadership experience, a Fortune 100 background and a proven track record of success.”

With a combined 16 years of public service as an elected official at the state and local level, Rudder also brings years of private sector experience. During his career, Rudder has worked for small businesses as well as for a large multinational corporation. He believes his business background is the best asset he brings to MGR and its client base.

“While it’s true that my time as a mayor and legislator have given me the knowledge of how government works, I believe my background and experience in the private sector will bring the most value to our clients,” says Rudder. “Having lived in the profit and loss world and experienced first-hand how government rules and regulations impact industry, I understand better than most the needs and concerns of the business community. As a result, I am in an excellent position to put together a strategy and a message and advocate on behalf of our clients that are impacted in some way by government regulations. “Innovation, a strong work ethic and integrity matter to me. It is for these reasons and more that I’m excited about this opportunity to work with Barry and the folks at MGR.”

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