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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Lumberton, N.J.—New Jersey Senator Nicholas Sacco, Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee; Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez, Sacco’s running mate and member of the Assembly Transportation Committee; and Assemblyman Charles Mainor, Chairman of Law and Public Safety Committee and member of the Transportation Committee are working closely with the Limousine Association of New Jersey’s (LANJ) Legislative Committee. This committee includes President James Moseley or TripTracker, Legislative Chair and Vice President Jeff Shanker of A-1 Limousine, PAC Treasurer Pete Corelli of Lakeview Custom Coach, Board member Paul Rosenberg, and Executive Director Barry Lefkowitz. The legislators are getting the assistance of LANJ to craft a bill that will create a level playing field. Limousine companies are being challenged by the Atlantic City Jitneys, which are violating state law in operating out of their prescribed jurisdiction; conducting inter-state business (without US DOT authority); and acting as limousines by contracting weddings, parties, and various other activities that are supposed to be carved out for limousine service.

Additionally, the group has been tasked with developing language in legislation to help with the serious problem in Hudson and Union counties with vehicles calling themselves jitneys but in reality are autobuses. These autobuses are operating with little guidance and/or restrictions in North Jersey and became the focus of attention when an eight-month-old baby was killed by one of these vehicles.

LANJ hopes to have the amending language ready for A847 (pre-filed bill from last session) within the next couple of weeks as it prepares to come up with a definition of autobus that does not affect charter bus work.

Another front on which LANJ is diligently laboring is on the Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax issue in New York City. Led by Executive Director Barry Lefkowitz, General Counsel Matt Daus, and President Emeritus Tim Rose are working with the City Councilman Yadanis Rodriquez, Chairman of the NYC Transportation Committee, to change the onerous requirements of NYC’s commercial motor vehicle (CMV) tax. There is a March 12 work session with the Chairman in New York that will be in preparation for a March hearing. Under the old ordinance, LANJ members had to pay upfront the entire tax for two years. Under the new ordinance, when passed, limousine operators will now be able to pay on a quarterly basis. The paperwork will also be completely simplified and be much easier to handle on a fleet basis rather than on an individual vehicle.

And finally, LANJ Executive Director Barry Lefkowitz has received several complaints recently about the use of the cell lot and chauffeurs circling the airport at Newark waiting to pick up clients. A meeting has been requested at the Port Authority to address this issue.

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