Chauffeur Driven NLA Show Texas 2021
Thursday, September 16, 2021

Alex Darbahani KLS Limousine Founder Alex Darbahani Los Angeles — Headlining superstars Beyoncé and Eminem may have dominated the entertainment headlines in the wake of the 2018 Coachella Music Festival, but according to Alex Darbahani, the founder of California- and New York-based KLS Limousine Service, the two weekends were the site of a job well done.

"We had a really terrific two weekends serving clients from a number of outstanding production companies, PR firms, and music business players during the event,” says Darbahani.

The operator also added that KLS is thriving largely because of what he describes as out-of-the-box marketing approach. "We're working hard to get the word out that we not only provide the finest vehicles and the most luxurious and reliable service possible, but that we're also an outstanding value. Our customers are often very surprised, because they assume we'll be more expensive in comparison to what's out there. In reality, we're often a little less expensive than they expect. Event planners and everyone else who organizes events just about always have budgets they need to stick to, and it's fun to see how surprised they are when the see how our prices compare."

In addition to offering lower up-front fees, Darbahani says that he looks for other ways we help our clients stay within their budgets. “People who've never been to Coachella might be surprised to hear this, but we had a number of families with young children during the two weekends. We don't charge extra for car seats, and for some of our clients that can really add up."

Darbahani adds that KLS remains committed to providing quality service by using high-end vehicles that are well-maintained. Also he is proud to offer professional service when it comes to his staff. “Our personnel are not just drivers, they are trained and experienced chauffeurs. That means that they are not only automotive experts, they are able to provide concierge services to our clients, adding to the fun along the way. That can be especially important at events like the music festival, when we're often driving over 130 miles from L.A. The longer the trip, the more you a pro at the wheel."

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