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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Joe and Michele Magnano Joe and Michele Magnano Newport Beach, Calif. — The kindness and generosity of the chauffeured ground transportation industry was on full display this past week when they rallied together to raise $72,615 for a friend in need.

In 2017, Michele Magnano, the wife of CLI Worldwide President Joe Magnano, was diagnosed with Stage IV adrenal cancer, an extremely rare and particularly insidious form of the disease. Recently, her oncologist recommended an experimental treatment called Cryoablation, which may help Michelle tremendously, but unfortunately is not covered by insurance.

Anxious to help his friends, A.J. Thurber of Grech Motors stepped up and created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds toward Michelle’s treatment. Thurber forwarded the link to his friends, and the news quickly went viral among the industry on social media.

On the GoFundMe page, Thurber wrote: “Anyone who knows Michele, Joe, and their family of humans and canines already know that if the roles were reversed, they are always the first ones to lend a helping hand. No situation prevents them from coming to the aide of someone, even during the toughest battle of their lives. Even though they do so unconditionally and without expectation, now is the time that we can help and be a part of Michele’s fight to beat this dreaded disease.”

Just 48 hours after the campaign went live, more than $60,000 was raised by 112 donors, which was more than $10,000 over the initial goal set by Thurber. The amount has continued to climb in the days that followed.

“We are truly beside ourselves with the love and support we have received from so many!” says Joe. “Our transportation family has been so instrumental in these efforts we are overwhelmed. So many of you who are close to us and the many of you whom are not have changed our lives forever. The battle we are facing is tough, but with the support from all of you, we shall prevail. This business is tough enough for all of us, but when our industry rallies TOGETHER we can accomplish so much! We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts! THANK YOU!”

Visit to learn more about Michele or to contribute to the cause.