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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

A-List WWA List Worldwide President Avi Karpel presents a certificate of company stock to Senior Chauffeur Marvin Vick, who has worked at the company for over 17 years.Los Angeles, Calif. — A List Worldwide Transportation Services, based near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), recently started offering all of its employees shares in the corporation.

Under the Corporate Shares Program, employees will be given shares in the company at the end of each month based on their performance, continued length of employment, and great customer service. It is open to all employees who fulfill their employment probationary requirements. Additional shares can be distributed by management for what is considered “over the top,” extraordinary service and repeated acknowledgement by a client(s) for a chauffeur’s or staff member’s performance.

“I always treated my employees as my extended family. My door has been always open for them for any issue they may have and I am proud to have one of the best team of chauffeurs and staff in the industry,” says A List President, Avi Karpel. “I felt this program was something extra that I needed to do to show my utmost appreciation to their dedication, something that will go beyond their regular payroll, 'partnership in the corporation.' When the program was introduced to them in a meeting and my commitment to them was outlined in their employee handbook, they were thrilled and astonished. Now, adding our employees to a level of our partners, you can only expect the best out of A List Worldwide Transportation Services.”

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