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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Jacobs_George Windy City Limousine and Bus CEO George Jacobs Chicago, Ill.—Windy City Limousine and Bus is the recipient of the 1st Quarter 2019 LMC Group Circle of Excellence Award. Windy City won the award for excellence in their human resources policies and practices.

Windy City Limousine is one of the fastest-growing ground transportation providers in the country. As the first company in the industry to be named to INC 5000’s list of fastest-growing private companies five years in a row, Windy City has experienced tremendous growth due to its impressive fleet and excellent chauffeurs. These efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Windy City has been named Best Transportation Provider by Meetings + Events Magazine for the last seven years as well as Operator of the Year. CEO George Jacobs, President Kathy Kahne, and Executive Vice President Tracy Raimer make up Windy City’s experienced and dynamic leadership team.

Windy City Limousine is unquestionably a leader in ground transportation, not only in the Greater Chicago area, but also around the globe. Their senior management has made a number of deliberate decisions that keep them on top of their game, including the choice to empower their leadership through shared experiences for skill- and relationship-building and a voice in defining Windy City’s corporate culture.

“Chronically high business expenses in the transportation industry in terms of fleet, technology, and safety leave little left to invest in the very employees who keep these companies going and growing. Windy City has a longstanding commitment to reinvesting in their human resources, aiming to be an employer of choice and understanding that without a solid team in place, they cannot succeed. I commend their efforts, and I’m grateful for their partnership. They set the bar high, and they are a great example to follow,” says LMC CEO Kristen Carroll.

This past January, Windy City held a leadership retreat for its managers in partnership with The LMC Group. It was a two-day event that included a team-building cooking class and two days of seminars and workshops focused on finance and human resources. Topics covered during the human resources portion included How to be an Effective Manager; Coaching, Communicating, and Documenting; Sexual Harassment Training; and Behavioral Interview Training. The team took the first portion of the day to collectively create Windy City’s mission and values statements.

“It was an honor to be a part of the leadership retreat and to get to know this amazing group of managers,” says LMC Director of Human Resources Christina Davis. “Windy City is leading the pack with their dedication to their leadership team’s growth.” Training and team building are often seen as luxuries or “someday” priorities, but they are essential to growing, thriving businesses. By investing in their people, Windy City Limousine and Bus is taking a long view that will pay off tremendously in the future.

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