Thursday, March 30, 2023
PBAPBA Executive Director Patricia Cowley Easton, Pa.— Chairman of the Pennsylvania Bus Association (PBA) John Bailey recently named Patricia Cowley as the new Executive Director of the Association. The announcement was made at the PBA’s annual meeting in Atlantic City, N.J., this past June.

Cowley stated the following:

“As the Pennsylvania Bus Association has been doing great things for the industry, I am excited about this opportunity to bring my energy and skills into the mix. My initial primary goals are to increase awareness of the value of the association to operators, and to enhance the existing programs and processes for the benefits of the members.

A little more about me: I have been actively involved in the related activities of the bus industry since the early ‘90s, and also serve as the executive director of the Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association. My initial introduction was through Charter Partners. We managed a very large purchasing program for transportation clients throughout the mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions. I was involved in the development of an industry peer group called Motorcoach Partners with Integrity (MPI). During my involvement with MPI, I have facilitated all aspects of group management. I developed several cooperative purchasing programs, including the purchase of fuel and other common supplies. From an educational value perspective, I have organized events for our members’ safety leaders, drivers, mechanics, human resource personnel, and the owners.

PBA I also bring experience working with a board of directors. I currently serve as the secretary for the Cooperative Partnership Insurance Company, domiciled in Vermont. I have fulfilled this role since 2005. Part of my responsibilities include generating board and committee agendas, meeting material development and distribution, including post-meeting material, follow-up on deliverables, coordinating meeting arrangements, and corresponding with state legislators and attorneys. I have my bachelor’s degree in business administration, and an accounting degree.

I am looking forward to making some positive changes in addition to the initial primary goals stated above. In line with the PBA objectives, these will include recruitment of additional members and enhancing communications to bring more value to the membership. Further, these initiatives will include implementation of consistent, informative communications utilizing email, tapping into social media, enhancing the website and databases, exploring industry topics for educational purposes, and interaction with other transportation industry leaders and contacts.”

PBA was founded in 1923 and represents motorcoach operators, associate members, and travel supplier members.

For any additional information, contact Bailey at either jbailey@baileycoach.com or 717.718.0490, ext. 117.

Visit pabus.org for more information.