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Thursday, February 02, 2023

The Transportation Alliance (TTA) has announced its new 2021 dues structure in which transportation companies will pay lower fees than 2020 dues by up to $1,000 per member.

thomas-arrighi-ttaTTA President Tom Arrighi

Nearly all members, including vendors and state transportation associations, will also be able to take advantage of an additional 15 percent discount for prompt full payment if received by Jan. 15, 2021. The new structure also replaces the previous tiered model and is now offering the same benefits to all members at one low fee. In addition to its new simplified pricing, TTA is offering customized payment plans to any member who would prefer to spread payments out over time. By joining now, operators are able to receive 15 months of membership benefits at 2021’s all-inclusive low dues fee.

The Transportation Alliance

“This new payment plan makes joining our industry-leading association as easy as possible for members,” said TTA President Tom Arrighi. “We know these are difficult times, so we wanted to open the door as wide as possible to members to make one of the most important investments in their companies as they meet the challenges of the pandemic today, and as they position themselves for the resurgence that will surely come.”

Memberships start as low as $357 for small fleets that take advantage of the 15 percent discount. National fleet operators (operating in multiple cities) will receive a 7 percent discount. The new dues and discounts are as follows:

U.S. Operator Fleet Size 2021 Dues Discounted Fee*
1-9 $420 $357
10-19 $640 $544
20-49 $1,080 $918
50-99 $1,960 $1,665
100-259 $4,623 $3,930
500 & up $5,560 $4,726
National $15,000 $13,950**


Int’l Operator Fleet Size 2021 Dues Discounted Fee*
1-49 $420 $357
50-99 $740 $629
100 & up $1,160 $986

Vendors, Public Entities, and Nonprofit Trade Associations

Member Type 2021 Dues Discounted Fee*
Vendor $1,150 $978
Public Sector $750 $638
Nonprofit Association $750 $638

* Discounted fee available to all who pay the 2021 annual membership in full by January 15, 2021.
**National membership covers up to 10 company locations.

Visit TTA’s website to join today, call 301.984.5700, or send an email to