Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Ecko Transportation

San Jose-based ground transportation operator, Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group has become one of the first operators in the United States to obtain certification from SafeCleanRide (SCR).

Ecko Transportation

SCR recently announced the launch of its signature training and testing certification program intended to provide consistently safe protocols and sanitation guidelines designed specifically for the ground transportation industry.

The curriculum focuses on the awareness of contagions as well as the best practices for cleaning, and sanitation related to public transportation providers. The new protocols were created by a panel of medical experts to ensure it is scientifically sound and in full alignment with CDC guidelines.

Jim Luff Jim Luff Director of Marketing Ecko Transportation

Ecko Director of Marketing & Affiliate Relations Jim Luff completed the course that teaches the best methods for fighting against pathogens like the coronavirus. The online course is followed by a rigorous certification test. SCR is the world’s only online training certification for this type of curriculum and the SCR Certified Seal-of-Approval has become the transportation industry’s gold standard—a recognized symbol of public assurance that vehicles and drivers have met the highest quality sanitation-training protocols. The program is endorsed by a panel of experts in virology, chemistry, cleaning protocols and transportation.

Harry Dhillon Harry Dhillon President Ecko Transportation

“This program was an important investment in our efforts to help united the ground transportation industry in our fight to avoid risks of contagious diseases, increase contagion awareness and adopt uniform cleaning and sanitation procedures,” says Ecko President Harry Dhillon.

All Ecko staff members are being educated on the proper procedures for vehicle sterilization between each passenger ride.

“Every company must do their part to curb the COVID-19 virus and we take this as a great responsibility on our part,” added Luff.

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