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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

In response to the need for corporations in major metropolitan areas to bring employees safely back to the office, EmpireCLS has teamed up with tech-firm HIP to offer an innovative corporate shuttle commuting option.

EmpireCLS EmpireCLS and HIP Corporate Shuttle Fleet

"We had been receiving inquiries from our corporate clients about ways we can help them bring employees back to the office while mitigating risk, and this corporate shuttle program marries EmpireCLS' service and extensive fleet with HIPs robust technology to provide a smart alternative to public transportation," says EmpireCLS CEO David Seelinger.

The HIP platform also allows for cost sharing between the employer and employee and enables workers to apply their commuter benefits cards to their portion of the fare. Seelinger adds that a number of companies have already signed up for the program. The corporate shuttle program is available throughout EmpireCLS' 1,000-city network worldwide.


EmpireCLS and HIP integrated their software, enabling companies who sign on to determine which employees need rides, points of origin, and preferred arrival times. HIP's algorithm presents route options with EmpireCLS' owned fleet of luxury SUVs, vans, mini-coaches, and full-sized coaches, allowing the client to specify which employees can be served by which type of vehicle. With HIP's technology, the EmpireCLS shuttle team also helps corporations group employees coming from specific regions to maximize efficiency. The program is flexible for employees who may be participating in partial on-site work weeks.

EmpireCLS EmpireCLS helps companies bring employees safely back to the office

Approved employees use the HIP app to book their seats in advance and verify they are eligible to board the shuttle, manage their rides, and see the real-time vehicle location while receiving arrival or delay notifications.

HIP's software accounts for local group restriction rules and employer preferences for limiting vehicle occupancy to guarantee physical distancing needs. Clients can also put specific protocols in place including health consent or symptom check forms before anyone boards. Arrival times at the corporate office can be staggered to prevent bottlenecks at entryways/elevator banks. The HIP dashboard also gives travel management, HR, and corporate security teams complete visibility to monitor travel activity in real time. The platform allows for contact tracing if necessary. EmpireCLS' vehicles have Wi-Fi and undergo full cleaning, including UVC disinfection with health and safety protocols certified and endorsed by the ISOS travel and security organization.

All EmpireCLS chauffeurs go through rapid COVID testing. The shared ride model creates a very competitive price for corporations with fees starting at approximately $200 per month per employee depending upon destination.

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