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Friday, December 08, 2023

Deem, a mobile and cloud technology provider for the corporate travel industry announced it has won the Silver Stevie award in the 19th Annual American Business Awards for its Travel SafetyCheck feature in its new Etta business travel booking and management solution. SafetyCheck efficiently provides accurate health and safety information for each segment of their trip within the booking flow as travelers are booking trips, when they need it most, according to Deem. 

Deem Deem President David Grace

“We know that travel is better for business when it’s better for people,” said Deem President David Grace. “Empowering people with the right information at the right time helps them make the best choices for themselves and their companies. It allows them to focus on their jobs and helps them be more productive. This is why we’re so committed to being a traveler-centric software platform.”

As a business travel technology company, Deem is very sensitive to the impact of the pandemic on our industry and people, especially on those critical industries that need to continue traveling despite the risks. SafetyCheck was conceived, produced, and delivered to the Etta platform in just 90 days, in response to the immediacy of the pandemic and traveler needs.


“I was impressed how they turned their problem of wanting to offer a more actionable duty of care solution into a solution in 90 days,” said one of the judges about the SafetyCheck entry. “The analytics, clients, and reviews provided made their case more professional. The website and video were very well put together and is something I could see businesses and professionals using often. A great corporate response to the pandemic.”

The SafetyCheck feature is highlighted in each phase of booking—flights, hotel, and ground transportation—so travelers can easily find information such as cleaning protocols, regulations, safety scores for hotel neighborhoods based on nighttime safety, LGBTQ+ safety and other factors, maps of COVID historical and current caseloads, and more. Using icons, maps, and pop-up boxes for additional vendor information, the details are presented in a clear and organized way, creating a seamless booking process for the traveler.

The American Business Awards is a premier business awards program. Nicknamed the Stevies for the Greek word meaning “crowned,” the awards will be virtually presented to winners during a live event on Wednesday, June 30.  

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