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Friday, June 14, 2024

HyperFog, a producer of car-installed foggers with IoT (internet of things) capability, has entered into a pilot contract with NuRide Transportation Group, a New York City limousine service, for mobile in-vehicle fogging services using Thymox, a commercially available botanical fogging cleaner. HyperFog was founded by a physician who is motivated to provide thorough cleaning services to empower the transportation industry to return to what it does best—get you to your destination with confidence and cleanliness.

HyperFog HyperFog in-vehicle fogging cleaner

According to the announcement, HyperFog will provide:

  • Fast, automated in-vehicle fogging system
  • Botanical cleaning agent
  • Crash-test certified safety
  • App on cellphones to place HyperFog order for each ride

For a few weeks this fall, select vehicles in NYC will be equipped with an app-based vehicle fogging service, which can be ordered directly by customers prior to entering a vehicle. Upon request using ride-hailing apps, web reservation, or phone reservation, HyperFog can offer vehicle fogging through a two-minute application of a cleaning formulation—which the company says is fast and designed to cover all surfaces of the interior of the car. Using tech, cloud computing, dynamic engineering, and Thymox technology, HyperFog was created to give consumers peace of mind.

The HyperFog service and app were designed in partnership with design firm Aprodium. With Aprodium’s design skills, the HyperFog machine passed federal crash testing on the first attempt.

HyperFog is available for fleets, limos, taxis, rideshare drivers, or independent contractors.

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