Driving Transactions
Monday, April 15, 2024

Mercedes-Benz is already one of the industry’s most popular brands with its lineup of sedans, SUVs, and always-versatile Sprinter vans. Now Mercedes is thinking bigger—literally—with the upcoming release of its Tourrider motorcoach, tailored specifically for the North American market. The announcement was made virtually in late September.

Mercedes Tourrider motorcoach Mercedes-Benz's new Tourrider motorcoaches

The new Tourrider has been developed and constructed from the ground up in close collaboration with North American coach operators. It is a three-axle high-deck coach with a length of 45’ (45’8” with energy-absorbing bumper) and offered in two model variants: Business and Premium. These were designed to be luxury motorcoaches for sophisticated travelers, with Tourrider Business equating to “business class” among motorcoaches while the Tourrrider Premium aims to fulfill all the expectations of the “first class.”

Spacious Interior With Unexpected Details
Passengers benefit from generous space in the cabin, especially aboard the Tourrider Premium with its passenger compartment raised by 2.36 inches compared with the Tourrider Business. Additionally, it can be optioned with two wheelchair spaces and a corresponding space-saving automatic lift stowed above the drive axle.

The Tourrider Premium offers an optional Top Sky Panorama glass roof, where ambient LED lighting strips below the luggage racks and under the windowsills further enhance the ambiance and rider experience, especially at dusk and during the evening hours.


The seats used in the Tourrider are produced in-house. As standard equipment, the Tourrider Business is equipped with Mercedes-Benz Travel Star Eco seats, while Premium upgrades to Travel Star Xtra seats with Luxline upholstery—the most luxurious motorcoach seating available from Mercedes-Benz. Optional twin USBs can be installed centrally underneath each of the double seats and/or 110-volt sockets for charging any electric devices.

Tourrider engineers also placed great emphasis on optimizing passenger compartment heating and air conditioning. Pleasant cooling is ensured by the powerful integrated air conditioning system from Eberspaecher/Sütrak with an output of 35 kW. The driver's area has its own separate 9 kW air conditioning system.

Safety Is a Priority
Pioneering assistance systems for accident mitigation are among the strongest points of the Mercedes-Benz Tourrider, according to the announcement. All-around visibility when maneuvering and in tight places is provided by a 360-degree camera system. Also aiding visibility, both the low beam and main beam benefit from the extraordinary light yield of the two LED headlamp systems. With the standard Docking Lights, the Tourrider also supports its drivers when reversing in the dark.

The outstanding new safety features of the Tourrider also include the optional radar-based Sideguard Assist cornering assistant with pedestrian detection. If a moving object—such as a pedestrian or a cyclist —or a stationary obstacle is located in the monitoring zone on the side of the door, the system issues a warning to the driver. It thereby assists the driver in particular when turning off in busy areas and also effectively protects both fellow motororists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The Tourrider is also among the first motorcoaches available with the unique Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA 5) emergency braking system featuring pedestrian detection. Within the system limits, this assistance system (standard in both Tourrider Business and Premium) is the first emergency braking system for buses, which is able to initiate an automated emergency stop in reaction not only to stationary and moving obstacles, but also for pedestrians.  

Attention Assist (ATAS)—available as an option—warns the driver both visually and audibly if it detects the typical signs of fatigue or inattentiveness, and prompts the driver to take a break. Another assistance system of the Tourrider is the standard Lane Assistant, which detects when the vehicle inadvertently leaves the marked lane with the help of a camera system behind the windshield.

Powerful and Economic Drivetrain
At the heart of the drive system used exclusively in coaches for North America is the inline 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM 471, which has proven itself many thousands of times over, according to the company. With its 12.8-liter displacement, the engine delivers 450 hp (336 kW) and attains a maximum torque level of 1550 lb-ft (2300 Nm). It impresses with a technology package consisting of common-rail direct injection with the unique flexible high-pressure injection system X-Pulse, charge air cooling as well as exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. The engine therefore excels with its fuel efficiency, powerful acceleration, refinement, and reliability. Power transmission is handled by the Allison WTB 500R torque converter automatic transmission.

Serviced Through Daimler Coaches North America
Off-the-road time for even the simplest of maintenance can cost operators revenue, so service locations for Tourrider are available through Daimler Coaches North America, giving operators access to an efficient, modern, and comprehensive network of service stations.

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