Thursday, September 28, 2023
Lux Limo Lux Limo Owners Shawn & Andrea McAdams with the “General McArthur” 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood

Austin-based Lux Limo has announced that they have acquired Austin Classic Limo. The transaction includes a classic 1959 Jaguar Mark IX Saloon as well as a 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood Super Sixty, which will supplement Lux’s expansive fleet.

Lux Limo “Nigel,” Lux Limo’s 1959 Jaguar Mark IX Saloon

“In August 2021, our company was honored when we were approached by industry veterans Phil and Dorothee Auldridge to continue the legacy of their homegrown vintage classic car company,” says Lux Limo Corporate Sales & Marketing Account Manager Andrea McAdams. “Sadly, Phil was undergoing some health issues and didn’t want to see his ‘baby’ disappear into nothing. After more than a decade of continuous efforts and successful weddings, Phil sought to find the perfect new owner. He searched for someone who would not only know how to utilize the already successful business he had churned, but also cherish his beloved Jaguar ‘Nigel’ and Cadillac ‘General McArthur.’”

While the pandemic initially put the kibosh on the acquisition, once phones began ringing again, Lux enthusiastically moved forward with what McAdams describes as an easy transaction.

Lux Limo Austin Classic Limo Owners Phil & Dorothee Auldridge

With retail—especially weddings—a major part of Lux Limo’s business, having the two fully restored classic vehicles is an attractive new option for their client base. Additionally, the acquisition of Austin Classic Limo further cements the Lux footprint in the Dripping Springs, Texas, market. The company also services San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and the Hill Country, along with a sister operation in Nashville.

Despite the growing concern of the Omicron variant, McAdams is optimistic about 2022. In the coming weeks, the company is looking forward to promoting their service at a large wedding industry show.

“Though times were pretty dark for most of us, we kept faith knowing that this is temporary, and we are grateful to once again be in full swing,” she says.

Visit theluxlimo.com for more information.