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Friday, June 14, 2024
ABC Companies Brian Nelson ABC Companies Vice President of Technical Solutions Brian Nelson

ABC Companies, a North American provider of motorcoach, transit, and specialty passenger transport equipment, recently promoted Brian Nelson to vice president of technical solutions. ABC’s Technical Solutions Team comprises engineers, technicians, and support personnel who focus on sourcing and providing new and often unique technologies that improve customer operations and their experience in unexpected and groundbreaking ways. A key resource for ABC customers, the dedicated Tech Team is also deployed when existing solutions are not functioning or performing to a customers’ needs.

“My department’s job is simple: We are here to serve the needs of our customers and bring back solutions, not excuses,” says Nelson. “We focus on getting resolutions to our customers, and as a distributor, we are not constrained by manufacturer limitations. We take great pride in bringing the voice of the customer to all of our manufacturers. The breadth of our projects and depth of the team, means we can bring solutions to our customers faster and more cost effectively, in a way that is almost impossible to achieve when the customer must personally address a challenge or specific need to manufacturers and service providers.”

ABC Companies

A veteran of innovating solutions, Nelson has focused on fulfilling customer needs through team collaboration and a hands-on approach in his previous roles as a staff engineer and sales engineer. Most recently as the engineering director/manager, Nelson led a team of engineers and technicians providing full life cycle project handling to coordinate, validate and deploy best possible solutions based on the problems and details specified by users, clients, as well as market demands.

In his new role, Nelson will be responsible for technical solutions and strategy that will continue to innovate by leveraging new and emerging technologies that can benefit customers.

Since 2011, Nelson has been a key contributor to the company’s technical strategy. He has delivered pivotal engineering insights for several major technology projects including the introduction of ABC’s first 100 percent battery-electric zero-emissions vehicles starting with the first diesel to electric motorcoach project in the United States as well as the company’s ongoing Zero-Emissions Tour, which showcases and demonstrates the power and benefits of EVs in service today while educating stakeholders and lawmakers about the critical role high-capacity passenger vehicles play in reducing greenhouse emissions in the transportation sector.

“ABC has a commitment to providing our customers with a competitive advantage through innovative technology,” says ABC Companies President and Chief Commercial Officer Roman Cornell. “Brian’s experience, teamwork, execution on product vision, and his passion for serving our customers is helping us change the future of our industry.”

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